The IAESTE Exchange Process

There are three types of internships programs, where the jobs received are of the same calibre but the retrieval and application processes differ.

Traditional Internship

The Traditional exchange process occurs during the IAESTE Annual Conference that is held in a different country each year. Every country takes the jobs raised in their country and swaps with other countries from around the world. These jobs are called Traditional Internships.

The process is a reciprocal exchange. Therefore for every overseas student employed in Australia, we can send an Australian based student overseas to experience the international workplace. The type of overseas internships we find is heavily based on the pool of students that apply in Australia. If you would like to find out more about the application process and deadlines, head to the student page!

Pop Up Internship

The Pop Ups are available on our database all year round. These are outside of the traditional ‘swapping’ process but are still of the same quality. They are from companies that may have not made it in time for the Annual Conference or need an intern at a certain time. You can find internships that are relevant to your studies and apply for them at any time!

Reserved Offers

Already selected an international student from overseas for training but don’t know how to bring them to Australia?
IAESTE Australia can assist in organising suitable work visas for up to 12 months on behalf of employers who source an overseas student themselves. This is called a Reserved Offer. The terms and conditions of employment will already have been agreed between the employer and the student prior to contacting IAESTE.


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