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What can we do for your business?

With intense competition and rapidly changing technology, a global outlook is essential for helping companies prepared to grow and make use of the skills provided by an international pool of student talent.

IAESTE Australia can help local business and universities source highly skilled and motivated students from technical fields for up to 12 months. Candidates are available from over 80 countries in a wide range of disciplines, with the majority being from backgrounds such as Engineering, Design, Science, and IT.

Why employ an IAESTE student?

Many businesses spend time and resources interviewing and reviewing applications of potential interns to find the right person for the task. Likewise, students will apply to many different companies hoping to find a position. IAESTE seeks to connect companies with students from a pool of carefully screened candidates. Employers receive the selected candidates and confirms the candidate will be good fit for the company.

IAESTE gives access to a global network that is skilled and experienced in sourcing students from a variety technical fields.

By employing an IAESTE intern you can gain new perspectives from an internationally educated student

You can specify a student’s required skills, knowledge of software or topics, language ability or country – and we will search for a suitable candidate for your position from other IAESTE member countries

All IAESTE candidates are required to have completed at least their second year of studies when applying. However, you can further specify required experience (eg. third year, graduate etc).

You can also specify the length of the internship, ranging from 3-12 months.

We at IAESTE organise visas, accommodation and help the student adjust to life in Australia.

By employing an IAESTE student, your company joins a reputable community of organisations such as Boeing, Siemens, IBM, Microsoft among others.

IAESTE is based on a principle of reciprocal exchange, so by employing your intern through IAESTE you give an student studying in Australia the opportunity to go intern overseas. If you are a university employer, you can request that a student from your own cohort be given priority to go on an IAESTE internship overseas.

“We have been involved with the IAESTE program now for over five years. The students that have come to our laboratories have been enthusiastic, capable, and well liked by the staff. The variety of cultural backgrounds has enriched our workplace and I highly recommend the program to other employers.”
Reserach Director
CSIRO Molecular and Health Technologies

Already have an intern in mind?

Already selected an international student from overseas for an internship in Australia?

IAESTE Australia can assist in organising suitable work visas for up to 12 months on behalf of employers who source an overseas student themselves. This is called a Reserved Offer.

The terms and conditions of employment will already have been agreed between the employer and the student prior to contacting IAESTE.